Monday, October 5, 2009

Woot woot

It has been quite some time. holiday is over. not fruitful at all. but of coz...tonnes of relaxation. not that i am stress with my work or studies anyway. looking forward for the coming weeks ahead. waiting replies for my summer vacation. targeting 2 and hopefully get one. not that i worried anyway. just dunno why. perhaps if i don't get, i just look for other engineering companies for casual job. just want to get it over and done with. don't want to delay anymore.

There are a lot of things i wondering about at the moment. but of course, things will be fine soon i hope. but then, felt as if dragging myself away from the crowd, or people. just finding time for myself and be alone. Cut off all communication and stay under a coconut shell, not willing to know the truth and not willing to learn bout the truth. that's how i feel now.

today gonna be a long day. hope i survive it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


many ppl wonder where does YKSDR comes from? interestin topic indeed. YKSDR is originated from a song. and i love this song since i was young. the title is"有故事的人", which i tot it was you ku shi de ren, which actually is you gu shi de ren. last time, i was too young. i din knw bout it obviously becoz i din learn chinese. i just translate it the way i tot it is. why i like dat title? becoz i love telling story, either my life or others. A person with a story. cool huh? name fit for an old man. =p

but as i grew up, i began to realise the significance about this YKSDR. i began to use it even more often becoz to me, it is indeed very meaningful. everyone has his own story to tell. And memories and history are indeed things that you can never be bought by money. you can never turn back time as well. and stories are very useful in the future. perhaps when one day u look back to ur past, you know how much u have grown. or rather when u look back, u knw God is there to help u out. and as pictures are linked together, you can see the path that u are walking and the direction that God is leading you to. it is an interesting journey indeed.

That is the reason why i actually interested go into photography. perhaps some ppl tot i m crazy. it doesn't matter how ppl think. but i have goal and aim. and i would want to achieve them. Perhaps 有故事的人 is linked to my passion in photography as well. this is one of the way i can capture the stories of ppl and perhaps one day when we look back, we can laugh and smile at the funny things that we do, and so on. I don't mind spending dat amount of money for my interest. it is in order to preserve the memories of others. i nvr regret spending that amount for this. we can see how God works thru us and in us as a family, and many ppl can see this thru pics. weddings, uniting not only two ppl together, but familes as well. events, birthdays celebration and so on. we are one whole body and we know it very well. pics can capture sad and happy moment. regardless of wat, when we look back, we know that we persevere until today and we are indeed different. each piece of memory contribute to complete the whole pic of us today. and the pics is still in the process of accumulation from time to time. these pics made us today, becoz God has given us those memories. I am just capturing it bit by bit to help others to see and realise it.

Here is the lyrics of the song that i like:


走著 忍著 醒著 想著 看愛情悄悄近了
冷的 暖的 甜的 苦的 在心裡纏繞成河
曲折的心情有人懂 怎麼能不感動
幾乎忘了昨日的種種 開始又敢作夢

我決定不躲了 你決定不怕了
天地遼闊 相遇多難得 都是有故事的人才聽懂心裡的歌
我決定不躲了 你決定不怕了 就算下一秒坎坷這一秒是快樂的
曾經交心就非常值得 我要專注愛你 不想別的 沒有忐

曲折的心情有人懂 怎麼能不感動
幾乎忘了昨日的種種 開始又敢作夢

我決定不躲了 你決定不怕了
天地遼闊 相遇多難得 都是有故事的人才聽懂心裡的歌
我決定不躲了 你決定不怕了 就算下一秒坎坷這一秒是快樂的
曾經交心就非常值得 我要專注愛你 不想別的 

我決定不躲了 你決定不怕了
天地遼闊 相遇多難得 都是有故事的人才聽懂心裡的歌
我決定不躲了 你決定不怕了 就算下一秒坎坷這一秒是快樂的
曾經交心就非常值得  我要專注愛你 不想別的 沒有忐

I decided not to be afraid anymore. I decided not to avoid anymore. no point. I realise life is quite short. and there is a lot of things i need to do. no longer will i wanna try to use my own strength to deal with things. I need You and i will continue to pray. it doesn't matter if i get it or not, but i rather be obedient and wait for the right timing rather than forcing it. it's gonna be tough, but i will try

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help me... I m in need

It has come to this point of time whereby i really i need of direction and help. Perhaps at this point of time, i realise i have been trying very hard to achieve things with my own strength, desperately. and when i stop and think back, i knew why i acted impatiently and without thinking twice.

I have been acting like a lone warrior fighting a battle with an army that only consist of me alone. I grew desperate at times for direction till the extent that i tried to make my own way thru regardless of wat. I am bias to one side and i m no longer being as wise as before.

it comes to this point of realization that I have not being doing wat i planned to do. Letting my feeling judge everything is not wat i wanted. I fail to see the bigger pics and i can't let this take over anymore. i will continue to pray for Your help and i will try to be patient. I struggled internally.

I guess watever i tried to pursue with my own strength no longer important. i guess i lost sight of wat is more important. I can't let it influence me anymore.

at the mean time, i m hunting for a good lens for Ian's and Ivy's deng deng deng deng. But it's hard. trying my best to get one. It will be a memorable one. ^_^

I wish both of you all the best..... same goes to you both. You have found your true one. Congratulations. Cherish it with all your heart

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I pray, You lead

I felt a gentle stream of relief
things are moving on
I remain stagnant
things are changing,
yet I remain unchanged
things are as predicted before seperation

Seen the history leading to the present
and perhaps future
and yet, I am still here
Courage, determination and strength
is like the dew on the window
seen but unreachable
so close but never close enough

Smile is still evident
gladness and relief
and i need a step
steps to move on
to pursue what perhaps is seen
perhaps it is true
I shall pray
You lead me

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day OFF!!

It is a day off. woot woot. i m so glad having a day off. can do my assignment n stuff. hehe.

Oh... my flash arrived 2 or 3 weeks ago. i so in love with my flash. it is so cool. It is better than wat i expected. haha. yes. must try to improve my skills. haha...

mayb i can be a photographer after all. no need to do other stuff huh. haha. i can sell tau foo fa also. ahha. can also be engineer. this is so cool. haha. won't be jobless gua. haha.

i met my lecturer the other day and he recommended me to the person in charge of the vacation scholarship. So interesting. I tot he gonna persecute me. becoz his name is like from arab ma. who knows, he is a catholic i think. haha. i went to his room and saw the pic of Jesus, i was amazed. haha. and he is so friendly and helpful. i m glad i actually take the courage to meet him. he even talked to me about the things he taught us in class and quite interesting. hehe..


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yet another night....

It is yet another night
another night that seems too long
but at the same time, never wishes it to end
A Song is on my mind.... a song of thousand truth
Pictures after pictures..... smiles after smiles.... tears after tears....
Repeating itself one after another

Stream of flowing river surged from the peak of the round mountain
awakens the lives within it
that was asleep throughout the day
It is yet another night....
another night that everything comes to life
It is yet another night....
another night that lightning strikes twice
It is yet another night....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh OH...@@ is in VIC now....Derrimut...

On FedEx vehicle for delivery


so so happy.....lalalalalala.....come come to me...